Common Issues when Investigating | Honeycomb

Common Issues when Investigating

If you need to troubleshoot tools used to investigate your data in Honeycomb, explore these solutions to common issues.

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Troubleshoot issues related to BubbleUp.

Your data is not ordered, grouped, or limited as you expect 

BubbleUp ignores the GROUP BY, ORDER BY, and LIMIT clauses in Query Builder.

Your field is represented as a measure 

Fields stored as numbers, like user_id, are represented as measures when they are dimensions. In Dataset Settings > Schema, expand Unique Fields and adjust the field’s data type to string.

Your Derived Column is represented as a dimension 

Derived Columns that extract a numeric value from text are represented as dimensions rather than measures. Use the FLOAT() function to coerce the regular expression in a Derived Column, like REG_VALUE('$field', '*([0-9]+).*'), to a float.

Your field value displays “(no value)” 

A field’s value displays (no value) when the field is not populated in the data.

Make sure the field is populated in the data you sent to Honeycomb.

Your field value displays “(empty)” 

Most commonly, a field’s value displays (empty) in string typed columns when a string is empty.