Manage Data Volume | Honeycomb

Manage Data Volume

Managing your data volume will help you keep costs predictable and manageable, and keep Honeycomb’s queries speedy. Use our recommended techniques and tooling to reduce the size of your data, optimize your storage capacity, and improve your performance and scalability.


Filter with OpenTelemetry Collector Processors

Use OpenTelemetry Collector processors to manage your data volume by filtering span events and other data.


When to Sample

Explore Honeycomb’s recommended guidelines for why and when to sample your data.

Sampling Techniques

Understand terminology used when discussing sampling techniques, and explore use cases and trade-offs when head sampling and tail sampling.

Sampled Data in Honeycomb

Understand how Honeycomb handles sampled data.

Sample with OpenTelemetry SDKs

Manage your data volume by performing deterministic head sampling with the sampler included in OpenTelemetry SDKs and Honeycomb distributions.

Sample with Honeycomb Refinery

Explore the capabilities of Honeycomb Refinery, Honeycomb’s trace-aware, tail-based, stand-alone sampling proxy.