Observe | Honeycomb


Discover ways to explore your data. Visualize the health and performance of your systems at both a high level and in more specific and custom ways, and use this data to identify and act on trends, correlate changes in data to incidents, and monitor systems in real time.

General Health

Get a feel for the general health of your system in Honeycomb’s Home section. Explore commonly-used queries and breakdowns, see recent traces and events, and view snapshots of your data.

Custom Views

Create custom views of your data with Honeycomb Boards. Save graphs for reuse and reference, or share your insights with your team and other colleagues. To instantly get insights into your system, create a custom view from an out-of-the-box template that is filled with opinionated queries and visualizations on your data, then add your own flavor.

Data Flow

Visualize how traffic flows through your system with Service Map. Discover ways to explore your data, and interact with the map to examine and investigate smaller sets of services in detail.