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Get Started

Welcome to Honeycomb! We’re happy to see you.

Start Building 

Honeycomb for Applications

Get up and running with Honeycomb for your application. Learn how to easily add instrumentation and use Honeycomb to observe and understand your application.

Honeycomb for Kubernetes

Learn how to easily add Honeycomb to your Kubernetes cluster.

Honeycomb for LLMs

Learn how to use Honeycomb to observe and understand your applications that use LLMs.

Explore Our Sandbox

Explore our free, interactive demo. Choose your own path: analyze and debug an issue, explore a service map, or correlate app and Kubernetes errors.

Use an Example App

Use example applications to quickly learn about Honeycomb.

Learn the Basics 

Observability Fundamentals

Learn the key aspects of observability that we think everyone should know.

Configure Honeycomb 


Configure Honeycomb Environments, which partition your data and organize your Honeycomb resources. Learn how to manage environments and their resources, including API keys, custom fields, and markers.


Configure Honeycomb Datasets, which group your data into collections of related events. Learn how to manage datasets, including schema, definitions, custom fields, and markers.


Configure Honeycomb Teams, which represent your organization in Honeycomb. Learn how to create teams, manage notifications, manage members and assign permissions, configure access, and audit changes.

Plan & Design 

Best Practices

Explore Honeycomb’s recommendations for working with our product.

Manage Costs

Understand how Honeycomb measures usage, predicts and handles overage, and retains data.