Explore Team Query History | Honeycomb

Explore Team Query History

Honeycomb saves your query history, much like your web browser saves your browsing history. The Query History page lets you view and search through a timeline of your entire team’s activity across all datasets.

Access Query History 

In the left navigation menu, select History with its timer icon. When the left navigation menu is compact, only the timer icon appears.

Screenshot of a timer icon with a History label in the Honeycomb left navigation menu

Query History appears in the next screen.

About Query History 

By default, the Query History page shows you the most recent queries under Recent Queries. Start here to familiarize yourself with what your team is asking questions about most recently.

Use Recent Boards to browse any Boards created by you or your teammates.

My Saved Queries displays a list of your saved queries. To save a query to this list, in Query Builder, select Save To and select My Saved Queries.

Add a name and description above the interface to save a specific query.

Team’s Saved Queries displays a list of your teammates’ saved queries.

Use the Query History search functionality to recall the queries you constructed in the past, view recent boards that were accessed, see how your teammates solve problems, or replay the debugging steps of an incident.

Query History page showing recent team activity (screenshot)

Query History search searches across titles, descriptions, query fields, usernames, and time.

Query History search works particularly well if your queries have detailed names and descriptions. This practice adds additional human context and makes it easier to find a specific query.

Enter search terms in the search bar at the top of Recent Queries.

Refine Your Search with Prefixes 

Use these prefixes to restrict your search to specific users, timeframes, and datasets. Each prefix can only be used once in a search.

prefix:parameter description example
user:me search your query history user:me
user:email search by user (only account email is supported at this time) user:bee@example.com
before:yyyy-mm-dd only show results before this date before:2022-02-08
after:yyyy-mm-dd only show results after this date after:2022-03-13
dataset:slug* only show results from the dataset identified by the slug* dataset:potato

*The slug is the name of the dataset displayed in URLs in Honeycomb.

In this example of a query search, you can see that the dataset frontend was queried as recently as yesterday:

Query History page showing a query history search (screenshot)