Query | Honeycomb


Query allows you to investigate your data with Query Builder.

When creating a new Query, the display includes the following components:

  • Query Builder - to enter your query
  • Query Assistant - which translates your natural language query to Query Builder
  • Suggested Queries - a list of suggested queries based on a selected Board configuration

After selecting Run Query, the screen refreshes to show:

Query Builder 

The Query Builder

A query in Honeycomb consists of up to six clauses:

  • VISUALIZE - Performs a calculation and displays a corresponding graph over time. Most VISUALIZE queries return a line graph while the HEATMAP visualization shows the distribution of data over time
  • WHERE - Filters based on field or attribute parameter(s)
  • GROUP BY - Groups fields by field or attribute parameter(s)
  • ORDER BY - Sort the results
  • LIMIT - Specify a limit on how many results to return
  • HAVING - Filter results based on aggregate criteria

Learn more about creating a query and refer to our example queries to try.

Query Assistant 

Query Assistant consists of:

  • a search box
  • Get Query
  • suggested questions

Based on your entry or suggested question selection, Query Assistant creates and runs a query in the Query Builder. Query results appear after the screen refreshes.

You can expand and collapse the Query Assistant display. Any changes you make will persist. You can also control your team’s ability to use Query Assistant in Team Settings.


  • Query your data
  • Edit query
  • Change Datasets
  • Change applicable Time Range
  • Compare time ranges