Observability Concepts | Honeycomb

Observability Concepts

To fully grasp observability, start with these concepts.

Events, Metrics, Logs

Explore a side-by-side-by-side comparison of instrumenting via different data types.

Distributed Tracing

Learn about distributed tracing, which helps tie together instrumentation from separate services, so you can understand complex processes.


Learn about services, and how they are created and managed in Honeycomb.

High Cardinality

Learn what high cardinality and high dimensionality are, and understand what makes high cardinality data important.

Core Analysis Loop

Learn about the core analysis loop, which is the process of using your telemetry to form hypotheses and to validate or invalidate them with data. In observability, it is the basis of debugging from first principles.


Understand what instrumentation is. Explore best practices and conceptual patterns for instrumenting applications.

Enhance Traces

Learn about enhancing trace data.


Learn about eBPF and why it is important to observability.

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