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Send Logs to Honeycomb

You can send a variety of log types to Honeycomb using a number of different methods.


Logs with OpenTelemetry

Explore our recommended method of sending logs to Honeycomb–using OpenTelemetry. You can use OpenTelemetry to collect your existing logs whether they are in custom formats or popular formats, such as Fluentd, NGINX, JournalD, syslog, and so on. You can also use OpenTelemetry to generate structured logs that can be correlated with traces.

Other Integrations

Explore the other technologies, including log collectors, with which Honeycomb can integrate to receive log data.

Log Types 


Explore the methods Honeycomb recommends to send structured logs to Honeycomb. Structured logs contain data that is organized in a well-structured and consistent format that can be customized to your needs.


Explore the methods Honeycomb recommends to send unstructured logs to Honeycomb. Unstructured logs generally contain data that is not organized according to a pre-defined data model.