Send Data to Honeycomb with Java | Honeycomb

Send Data to Honeycomb with Java

When you are working with Java, we recommend these methods of sending data to Honeycomb.

OpenTelemetry Java Agent

When you want to instrument Java applications in a standard, vendor-agnostic, and future-proof way, we recommend using the OpenTelemetry Java Agent to send telemetry data to Honeycomb. The OpenTelemetry Java Agent allows you to send traces, logs, and metrics.

Honeycomb Distribution for Java

When you want to simplify the process of instrumenting applications and sending data to Honeycomb, use the Honeycomb Distribution for Java, which wraps the official OpenTelemetry Java Agent.

Honeycomb Libhoney for Java

When you need to create and send structured logs to Honeycomb, use Libhoney for Java, our structured logging library for Java applications.