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Derived Column Formula Reference

An expression performs functions, and mathematical and/or logical operations on other primitives and field’s values to return a result; similar to expressions in a spreadsheet. A function’s name is all-capitalized. A function accepts one or more arguments enclosed in parenthesis. Functions support column names, primitive types, and other functions as arguments.

Reference columns by their name prefixed with a dollar sign $. Column names that start with numbers or contain spaces requires surrounding the column name with double quotes.
Column Name Example Syntax
durationMs $durationMs
Context Key Length $"Context Key Length"
1st token $"1st token"
String Literal
Text enclosed in double quotes ("foo") that supports intepretation. Within the quotes, any character may appear except newline ("\n") and unescaped double quote ("\\") which require the use of the backslash character.
Raw String Literal
Text enclosed in back quotes (`foo`). Within the quotes, any character may appear except a back quote. This is useful for expression of text that use the backslash character. For example, file paths and regular expressions.
A positive or negative whole number
Floating Point
A positive or negative number with a decimal point
A truthy value represented with true and false false.
An empty, missing value represented with null.
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