Reporting on Service Level Objectives (SLOs) | Honeycomb

Reporting on Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

While Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are available for Pro and Enterprise plans, this SLO reporting data is available as part of the Enterprise plan only.

If you are an Enterprise customer with many SLOs, you may want to show the statuses of different Service Level Objectives (SLOs) in your existing tools so stakeholders can easily see them. Honeycomb’s SLO API supports reporting on:

  • Last reset date
  • Current budget remaining
  • Compliance level since last reset

Reporting on a Single SLO 

To report on a single SLO:

  1. Use the Get All SLOs endpoint to get a list of all SLOs.
  2. Find the desired SLO IDs in the returned results.
You can also get an SLO’s ID through the Honeycomb UI: Go to the SLO’s page and look in the URL path. The SLO ID is the hash ID that follows slo/ in the path.
  1. Set up a system that regularly queries the Get an SLO endpoint by ID for the SLOs you would like to report on, and use it to build your dashboards.
SLO reporting data has a 5-minute time-to-live (TTL), so you only need to query once every 5 minutes per SLO.

Showing Burn Rate 

Honeycomb SLOs expose the current compliance level since last reset and the remaining budget. If you want to show how close an SLO is to being exhausted, the best way is to show the remaining budget. To calculate the burn rate, you can save the data to your own database and compare past data.