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Team Settings

Manage your team-wide settings for Honeycomb.

Access Team Settings 

In the left navigation menu, select Account and then select Team settings.

Team settings appears in the next screen.

Team Details 

Team Details display focuses on team membership and its access management.

The Name of the team appears by default.

Under Environments and API Keys, use Manage to view a list of Environments associated with this team.

Single Sign-On (SSO) indicates whether Google Single Sign-On (SSO) is enabled or available for this team or not. This feature is available as part of the Honeycomb Pro and Enterprise plans. If SSO is enabled, then a Turn off option appears. Learn more about SSO configuration.

Email notifications controls which Team Owners will receive usage notifications, and Owners can select Change to modify the list of notification recipients.

A list of team members displays the profile icon, email, and role of each team member. Each team member’s role is either an Owner or a Member. Learn more about Team Permissions.

Under Invitations, users can find an invite URL, which allows for new Honeycomb users to request to join your team. An Owner’s approval will be required to complete their registration.


Usage shows details and trends about your team’s event volume and throughput.

Usage can also be accessed directly via the Usage icon in the left navigation.

Enhanced Reporting 

Enhanced Reporting is visible if you are a Honeycomb Enterprise customer. Enhanced Reporting shows a variety of information through graphs, charts, and statistics on your Honeycomb Events Ingest, Queries, and more.


Within Integrations, view and configure third-party integrations and webhooks for notification purposes.

Read the detailed instructions to set up your team-level trigger recipients.

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