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Search and navigate to almost anything you have created within Honeycomb using the Search feature.

There are two ways to open the search box:

  1. Select Search in the Navigation Bar. The icon will be a magnifying glass when the Navigation Bar is collapsed
  2. Use a keyboard shortcut

The supported keyboard shortcuts are:

  • ctrl+k (Windows, Linux)
  • cmd+k (MacOS)
  • The / key

Dismiss the search box by pressing the Esc key.

Search returns results within the following features:

  • Boards (those public to your team)
  • Datasets
  • Dataset Columns
  • Derived Columns
  • Named Queries
  • Triggers
  • SLOs

If you use Secure Tenancy, search will be unavailable. Search requires the ability to index names for things, but because names are encrypted with Secure Tenancy, they cannot be searched.

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