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View Your Raw Data

The Raw Data Tab 

The raw data tab will only display the raw data from the query. It will show you data that is filtered based on your query, but ignores aggregates, group by and order fields. For example, if the query covers only 1 minute, the raw data tab will only show the raw data for that 1 minute. You can reorganize the table by clicking on the header you would like to sort by.

This table does not show all fields in the dataset. Instead, the list of fields on the left displays those fields that have data for this query. If you do not see a field - it is most likely because it has no data for this query. You can select just the fields you want to see in the table by selecting these fields.

If your dataset is a tracing dataset, there will be a small icon to the left of every row. Clicking on this icon will take you to the trace containing the span represented by that row.

raw data table

At the bottom of the table, there is a link to load more rows. This will load more data rows if available.

Download Your Data 

You can download your data by clicking on the Raw Data tab, and then choosing CSV or JSON. The maximum number of rows you can download in this way is 1000.

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