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Usage Center

The Usage Center shows the current allocations of all of your team’s datasets and allows you to rebalance the storage allocations if you are a Team Owner.

Access the Usage Center via your team settings page.

The Account allocation section displays your current usage and team limit for Storage.

Account allocation

The Options section allows you to configure the default amount of storage you want to allocate to newly created datasets, and to update which team members get email notifications about storage overages.

Team options

The Per-Dataset provisioning section displays the usage for each dataset. Team owners can adjust the size by clicking a dataset’s Manage button.

Per-dataset provisioning

Exploring the Sample Rate

Because Honeycomb reweights calculations with samples, it can be difficult to carry out operations directly on the samples. For example, a Team Owner might wish to know how many actual events are coming in for each category for a dynamic sampler. Clicking “Explore Sample Rates” will bring up a query builder in a special “unweighted” mode.

Warning for Unweighted Mode

In unweighted mode, the user has access to the field Sample Rate, which reflects what Honeycomb interprets as the sample rate; and COUNT (and all other calculation operations) are unweighted.

This can help diagnose errors in sending sample data, and to better understand the relative changes in sampling strategies. For example, it can be useful to monitor the level at which a dynamic sampler is sending data.