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Graph settings

Honeycomb has several types of graphs, to explore your query results in multiple ways. Most are found in the Graph Settings menu:

Graph Settings

Line Graphs or Stacked Graphs 

  • A Line Graph displays each group as a line of values over time. You can read the value at a particular time directly from the Y axis on the left side of the graph.

  • A Stacked Graph displays groups as stacked colored areas under their line graphs. Each shows a group’s relative contribution to the total. The Y axis reflects the sum of all groups.

Linear Scale or Log Scale 

  • The Y axis of a Linear Scale graph increases by a fixed amount as values increase. It is useful for data with a limited range of expected values.
  • The Y axis of a Log Scale graph increases exponentially. Each Y value increase represents an order of magnitude (10n) change. A Log Scale graph is useful for data with an extremely large range of values.

UTC Time or Local Time X-Axis 

  • UTC Time displays the X axis in Coordinated Universal Time, the time at 0° longitude. UTC is sometimes referred to as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). UTC does not observe Daylight Savings Time.
  • Local Time displays the X axis in your browser’s local time.

Omit Missing Values or Fill Missing Values in with Zeros 

  • Omit Missing Values interpolates between points when the intervening time buckets have no matching events.
  • Fill Missing Values in with Zeros substitutes zero values for time buckets with no matching events.

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