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Before getting started

In order to get the best experience with Honeycomb, we recommend following these steps before signing up for a new account.

1. Choose a service to instrument  🔗

Pick a single app or service that you want to instrument to send data to Honeycomb. You should be able to:

Instrumenting a production application allows you to make use of Honeycomb’s many powerful features and capabilities.

2. Discover your integration path  🔗

Use one of the following approaches for instrumentation:

Don’t see your language listed here? The get your data in section of our docs has more information on other integrations available.

First steps  🔗

Now that you’re ready to instrument your service for observability, follow the steps to start sending in data.

Don’t see your use case here?  🔗

Other integrations  🔗

Visit the other integrations section of our docs to learn about other data you can use with Honeycomb, such as structured logs.

Try using Honeycomb with mock data  🔗

If you don’t have an application to instrument and deploy, but would like to see what Honeycomb can do for you, we recommend visiting Honeycomb Play. You can try the guided tutorials or dig around on your own to see what else is possible.

Learn more before getting started  🔗

You can learn more about observability from our docs. You can also reach out to us for help by clicking the chat icon on the bottom right hand corner of this page.