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Ingesting Metrics Beta

This feature is available as part of the Honeycomb Enterprise plan.

Honeycomb can ingest and store metric data that’s formatted with OpenTelemetry Line Protocol version 0.7.0 over gRPC. This includes metrics produced by, or fed through, OpenTelemetry Collector, metrics produced using the OpenTelemetry SDKs, or metrics from AWS CloudWatch metric streams.

Once they’ve arrived, metrics are stored in Honeycomb’s columnar data store as “pulse events”. See more about querying metrics data. Each pulse event represents the state of one or more resources at a specific moment in time. Every captured data point is stored as a value in an event whose timestamp represents the time of capture. All attributes that uniquely identify the metric’s timeseries are also stored in keys on this event. Data points that were received as part of the same request to Honeycomb, that share the same timestamp and the same complete set of attributes, end up stored together on the same pulse event. Wider events with more data tend to be more convenient to query and are also cheaper than spreading that same data across many narrow events. Refer to managing metrics event volume for pointers on limiting costs.