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PostgreSQL Observability with Honeycomb

Are you wondering:

  • How many queries your PostgreSQL database is handling?
  • Which clients are executing them?
  • What the slowest queries are?
  • What the most frequent queries or query families are?
  • How that is changing over time?
  • And more?

Honeycomb has you covered.

Self-hosted PostgreSQL 

Honeycomb’s logs-based connector for PostgreSQL hooks into the built-in slow query log and extracts useful information. This solution requires direct access to the log files generated by the PostgreSQL instance.

Configure your self-hosted PostgreSQL instance.

Hosted on RDS 

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) allows for the use of a number of databases without requiring administrative maintenance.

Honeycomb offers support for ingesting RDS PostgreSQL logs via CloudWatch Logs with the option to convert these unstructured logs into structured logs.

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