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Instrument Go applications

Whether you’re running a monolith, microservices, or something in between–the best observability comes from instrumenting your code.

New to instrumenting code? Want to learn about structured events? Read more about instrumentation.

OpenTelemetry for Go  🔗

OpenTelemetry is a vendor-neutral instrumentation framework with a large community of contributors. Read our guide to get started using OpenTelemetry for Go.

Need help choosing between the Beeline SDK and OpenTelemetry for instrumenting your code? Read our guide: Beelines and OpenTelemetry.

Existing Instrumentation  🔗

If you have existing instrumentation with OpenTelemetry, Zipkin, or Jaeger, use our OpenTelemetry support to send your data to Honeycomb.

Automatic Instrumentation with the Go Beeline  🔗

If you’re not using OpenTelemetry, you can use the Go Beeline to automatically instrument your Go applications.

Beelines understand a wide range of standard packages in various ecosystems, and instrument them to send useful events to Honeycomb.

The Beeline for Go provides optional support for Gorilla, Goji, net/http, sqlx, and more.

View setup and usage instructions for the Beeline for Go.

Other Go Integrations  🔗

Use Libhoney directly  🔗

Libhoney is a low-level library for sending structured events to Honeycomb’s API. The Go Beeline package uses libhoney under the hood. View setup and usage instructions for Libhoney for Go.

Open source  🔗

All Honeycomb integrations are open source, Apache 2.0 licensed, and can be found on GitHub.