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Get Involved with the Pollinators Community!

Honeycomb calls our extended community: the Pollinators. Just as our employees are like the bees working in the hive, the Pollinators spread the practices of observability and bring local knowledge from their organizations back so that we can improve Honeycomb.


Pollinators Community Slack is a great place to expand your network, to find opportunities for speaking and writing about observability, and to connect on using Honeycomb in the workplace.

The primary value of Pollinators is having an opportunity for help with Honeycomb - both from our staff and from other customers, who may have faced challenges similar to yours.

We also regularly collect feedback to inform new features, and grant early access to those features.

Our community members regularly have conversations about Open Telemetry (OTel) implementation, so it may be valuable for you to join and participate in those channels even if you do not use Honeycomb.

How to Join Pollinators in Honeycomb 

If you already have a Honeycomb account, go to our Pollinators page for a Pollinators Community Slack invite.

If your Honeycomb account has existed for a while, you may have also received an automatic invite sent to your email - search for “Pollinators.”

How to Join Pollinators Without a Honeycomb Account 

If you do not want a Honeycomb account, but want to join our Pollinators Community Slack, then contact us through our Honeycomb support page with your request.

Social Media 

Connect with us on Twitter @honeycombio and on LinkedIn.

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