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Login to Honeycomb using your Google account

Enable single sign-on to login to Honeycomb using your Google account. Individual Team Members may enable SSO for their accounts by linking a personal Gmail account. Also, a Team Owner can require SSO logins if the team has a G Suite hosted domain.

Convert a Team to SSO-only

To create an SSO-only team, you need a G Suite hosted domain. You can have one SSO-only Team per domain, and new accounts are automatically added to this Team. For example, all users logging in from myexample.com will be added to the myexample.com team.

First, configure a Team Owner account for SSO:

  1. Login as a Team Owner.
  2. From your Account page (“My account,” from the lower left hand navigation menu), click “SSO Link Account”.
  3. Follow the directions to authenticate with Google (including two-factor auth, if applicable.)

Then, convert the Team to require SSO:

  1. Return to your Account page and click “Convert to SSO Team”.

The Team Settings page shows “Single Sign-On: Enabled” to indicate your Team requires SSO.

Enable SSO for an individual user account

If your Team does not require SSO, you may enable it for your own account by linking a personal Gmail account. To enable SSO, follow instructions 2 and 3, above. When you are finished, your Account page shows “(SSO)” next to your email address to indicate you are using single sign-on.