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Secure Tenancy is planned to be End-of-Life at the end of 2022 in favor of built-in security enhancements. Existing customers using Secure Tenancy will continue to be supported on Honeycomb Classic until this time.

Release Policy 

Secure Tenancy releases follow Semantic Versioning. Release versions will always take the form of x.y.z, where x, y, and z are decimal numbers that are used to represent major (x), minor (y), and patch (z) versions.

Secure Tenancy releases are not on a fixed schedule. In general, new features will be released when ready, or in some cases to synchronize with a release of a Honeycomb feature.

Support Policy 

Except in the case of significant security issues, support is officially provided for the current release and the two previous minor releases. Only the latest patch of any release is officially supported. Customers running out-of-date versions who need support may be asked to upgrade to a supported release. Specific releases may be blocked by Honeycomb in the event of a security incident. If this becomes necessary, Honeycomb will attempt to contact affected customers whenever possible.

Stay Up to Date 

New releases are announced through the official Honeycomb channels, including the changelog. You will see a notification in the Honeycomb UI when there is a new release of the proxy. To see release notes and download the new version, go to your Secure Tenancy settings.

Health Check 

The Secure Proxy has a health check endpoint at /x/healthcheck that checks its dependencies: the Honeycomb API and the secure proxy’s database.

The health check will return a 200 if both dependencies are OK, or a 500 if either of the dependencies is down. Both 200 and 500 responses return JSON with more details.

Rotating API Keys 

To rotate your team’s API Key, go to your Team Settings page and create a new API Key. You can start sending data right away with this new key. This API key must be configured with permission to send events.

In order to successfully unmask your data, you should disable API keys that are not being used. Honeycomb uses only the first enabled API key to unmask your data.

Rotating Secure Tenancy Keys 

Packaged with your Secure Tenancy installation is the honeycomb_keys binary. This small program is used to rotate the Secure Tenancy keys used for masking (and stored in MySQL) if needed.

To list the keys:

honeycomb_keys list

From that list, you can rotate a key with rotate:

honeycomb_keys rotate <key>

Get Help 

Contact your Honeycomb representative with any questions or if you need assistance.

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