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Roles and permissions

Honeycomb’s mission is to empower engineering teams to debug production systems. Many defaults are chosen to enable and support the ambient broadcasting and sharing of knowledge.

Our permissions philosophy centers around minimizing behaviors that may be destructive or disruptive to fellow team members’ query activity.

Types of roles in Honeycomb

Team Membership and Billing

Owner Member
Promote / demote other team owners
Make team SSO-only
Upgrade and adjust pricing
Invite new users / accept join requests
Create new teams
Create, edit, and disable API keys
View API Keys


Datasets may be queried on by any member of the team and query history is visible to all members of the team.

Owner Member
Run queries
Annotate queries
Delete a dataset
Edit dataset ingest settings
e.g. nested JSON, storage quotas, etc.
Edit dataset schema settings
e.g. column types, column max lengths, etc.
Edit dataset display
e.g. column descriptions, dataset descriptions, aliases, etc.


Boards can be created by anybody and default to being public. Any public boards will be accessible and editable by the members of your team.

Boards may be marked as “Limited [access]” and will be visible only by the creator and any team owners. The board creator may take the board public at any time. Other members will not be able to add or edit queries to a limited access board unless explicitly added as a collaborator by the creator.

Owner Member
Create public boards
View public boards
Create limited access boards
Make limited access boards public
Add collaborators to a limited access board
Add queries and metadata to boards
Edit queries and metadata on boards
View anybody’s limited access board
Delete public boards
Delete anybody’s limited access board


Triggers are creatable, editable, and viewable by all members in a team. Clear attribution on triggers communicate which team member created or last edited a particular trigger.

Read more about Triggers

Owner Member
Create triggers
View triggers
Edit/delete triggers

Derived Columns

Derived columns may be created on a dataset by any member of the team. As with boards, derived columns may only be deleted by the creator or a team owner.

Read more about Derived Columns

Owner Member
Create derived columns
Delete own derived column
Delete anybody’s derived column