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Query Template Links

Query Template Links allow you to define a query parameter in a Honeycomb URL. When you load this URL in your browser, it runs the specified query and displays the results. The query parameter syntax for a basic COUNT with a filter might look like this:


For example, clicking the following URL will load a P95(response_time_ms) broken down by endpoint on our public Quick Start dataset:


Note: Embedding Query Template Links (or other Honeycomb pages) within an iframe is currently not supported.

The simplest way to get a Query Template Link is to use an existing query as a reference. Use our Query Builder to construct a useful query, then click on the Share button > Get Query Template Link to expose a modal with a copy/pastable URL.

Query Template Link modal visible on top of 'Get Query Template Link' button in 'Share' menu

The query parameter 

The query parameter is a JSON string, optionally containing any of the keys described below. All fields are optional, but a query with no calculations values will have COUNT applied automatically.

See Query Specification for details on defining a query via JSON.

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