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Direct Links to Traces

It can be useful to launch directly into a trace waterfall from a Trace ID from third party services. For example, you might wire an error reporting tool to launch directly into a trace in Honeycomb.

Construct a URL with this template:<team>/environments/<environment>/datasets/<dataset>/trace?trace_id=<traceId>

In this URL:

  • team, environment, and dataset are the named respective fields as seen in Honeycomb URLs
  • trace_id specifies the (URL-encoded, if necessary) unique trace ID for that trace
  • trace_start_ts and trace_end_ts describe roughly the time range to look for the trace. They are specified in UNIX/Epoch-style integer timestamps, which are in Coordinated Universal Time(UTC).

The query engine will look for traces with this trace_id in the specified time range. If no time range is specified, it will look from the current time to two hours ago.

If only a trace_start_ts is provided with no trace_end_ts value, then the query engine will look for traces within ten minutes of the starting time of the start.

Note that the trace waterfall may miss some spans if the query range is too narrow. On the other hand, the query engine may take longer to look across broader time periods.

For Datasets within Honeycomb Classic, construct the URLs with this template:<team>/datasets/<dataset>/trace?trace_id=<traceId>

Embedding Trace waterfalls (or other Honeycomb pages) within an iframe is currently not supported.

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