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Using the Boards API for the Kubernetes Starter Pack

Our Boards API makes it fairly straightforward to send you a JSON file to load in to immediately in order to get all of the boards we use for visibility into our own k8s cluster (described in our Diving into Kubernetes Clusters blog post.

Boards are a great way to provide entry points into your datasets, and great jumping-off points to query / dig deeper.

Get the JSON definition 

Download the JSON board definition to get a board with 6 great Kubernetes starter queries.

Create a Boards-enabled API key 

You’ll first want to create an API key that has permissions to access the Boards resource:

Get to your Team Settings

Then create an API key with the ability to “Manage Boards”:

Key with Boards permissions

Take that key and replace YOUR_API_KEY, below:

curl -X POST \
    -H "X-Honeycomb-Team: YOUR_API_KEY" \
    -d @k8s_fmt.json

Your board should now be created and is fully customizable. Learn more about the Boards API here and about using Boards here.

Final Kubernetes Board

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