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Auth API

API keys can have various permissions and belong to a specific Environment. This endpoint can be used to validate authentication for a key, to determine what authorizations have been granted to a key, and to determine the Team and Environment that a key belongs to.

In Honeycomb Classic, API keys are scoped to all dataset and data in the Classic section.


The only expected header is X-Honeycomb-Team, which is your API key. It is required. Learn more about API Keys.

Example Auth Request 

curl \
    -X GET \
    -H "X-Honeycomb-Team: YOUR_API_KEY"

The list of keys in the api_key_access object are subject to change as API features and capabilities are added and enhanced.

Example Auth Response 

  "api_key_access": {
    "events": true,
    "markers": true,
    "triggers": true,
    "boards": true,
    "queries": true,
    "columns": false,
    "createDatasets": true
  "environment": {
    "name": "Production",
    "slug": "production"
  "team": {
    "name": "Honeycomb Docs",
    "slug": "honeycomb-docs"

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